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Development of «SAMOTSVETY» online store
Development of «SAMOTSVETY» online store

«SAMOTSVETY» is a chain of jewelry boutiques made of natural stones. A wide catalog of products is presented: beads, earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, as well as exclusive products and sets. Stores have a selection of minerals: pearls, turquoise, coral, agate, carnelian, amethyst, aventurine, quartz, cat's eye, jade, onyx, garnet, and others.

In Create development team began working with Samotsvety in March 2018. Main purpose of the start of work was to develop a new online store using the updated logo and rebranding in general.

Project goals:
  • Market analysis and development of website prototypes;
  • Development of a unique design of online store;
  • Development of website mobile version;
  • Installation of management system;
  • Design of Sets, World of Stones, etc. sections;
  • Website layout;
  • Connecting Internet acquiring;
  • SEO website optimization;
  • Website synchronization with CRM.
Project color palette
20+ pages
Home page
Catalog products
Blog section
Blog article
World of Stones section
Stone page
Shipping and payment
for mobile devices
Product card
Completed works:
Analysis of niche and competitors;
Development of prototype and statement of work;
Development of a unique website design and mobile version;
Design of Stores section with geolocation filter;
Design of World of Stones section;
Website layout, installation of management system;
Development of Product Preview block;
Development of auxiliary options and function of grouping products into one Set product;
Designing Blog section;
Designing Franchising, Promos, Feedback pages with feedback forms;
Development of an advanced filter for categories;
Development of Shopping Cart, Checkout pages;
Connecting and setting up user authorization system via social networks;
Layout of animated elements and pop-up forms;
Connecting internet acquiring;
Adaptation of website for different devices;
Testing functionality, usability.

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