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How do you provide technical support for the project?

After transferring the project to the primary domain, we provide technical support for 1 month. Technical support includes: consultation, assistance in projects, testing and bug fixing.

After the end of the warranty period, you can ask for help in project development. Estimating the cost depends on the number of tasks or a technical task.

Option 1
- We create a project group (Telegram/Viber/WhatsApp);
- We determine consulting fees, for example for 10 hours. The hourly rate of a programmer equals $25;
- As part of the communication process, we consult and calculate your completion rate;
- Improvements to the technical part or design - we make them separately, counting on the above rate.

Option 2
- You write a technical task and give it to us for estimating the cost;
- We make corrections / revisions according to your needs.

Advantages of each of the options:
Option 1 - communication / consultation + quick hiring;
Option 2 - hiring depending on the load of current projects.

Why is ACF (Custom fields) used when developing a website using CMS WordPress?

Our offer is a balance of technology and design.

CMS WordPress is intuitive and the most popular CMS in the world.
Sites with CMS WordPress can be developed in different ways:

It is possible to choose a website template for $ 75-100, expand it, clean up and sell for $ 1500-2000. So do many beginner web agencies.

The INCREATE company does not work with templates. The "template" approach is very simple and can solve some temporary and simple issues. When it comes to custom development and unique design using graphics and animation, the "template" approach will never solve these problems.

No less important is the fact that the templates are very slow. Google's PageSpeed ​​Insights settings show low scores.

Our technology is CMS Wordpress + ACF.

ACF are custom fields designed for the client's needs. With this approach, INCREATE combines both the convenience and ease of use of the administrative panel on the part of the administrator, as well as steady operation and high load for your website users.

The main differences between a dedicated (physical) server and hosting:

First, let's take a look at types of hosting.

We are not considering clouds and clusters in this comparison. This segment is the implementation of large projects (Amazon/Rozetka/Ebay).

Let's go through the main and important points in the technical part.

Shared Hosting.
Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites.
If the load of so many websites is there on the server, it can crash. Also, it will create problems for others if your website is blacklisted.

The resources are common to all users. If any of the users in a shared server is consuming high traffic, this will affect all users in that server.

If someone uses old PHP code on his "unoptimized" website, for example, 5.5 and it will use all the resources, the hosting does not react to this until the problems are noticeably critical. It is very difficult to keep track of this on the share.

Stability - everyone uses the same IP, sooner or later it will be blacklisted through some malicious users.

Therefore, in the future:
- having a bad reputation means your emails are likely to end up in the spam folder or even not get delivered at all;
- advertising of such a site can be more expensive, since your IP can be assigned a negative reputation.

Among your countless neighbors, one of them may host malicious contents that may be banned. This can cause the ISPs to blacklist the IP blocks of the entire server and thus the access to all of the server websites may get blocked as well.

As a result, the site slows down and becomes inaccessible.

A dedicated server:
Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server is a physical machine and is known as one of the highest performance hosting options, so we use it.

The INCREATE team works with each client personally. Virus scan, brute force protection, backups are included.

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