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Web service
We develop web services,
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Web service is a large-scale online project with a complex structure and navigation. This type of development is intended for non-standard tasks, a large number of visitors and popularity of use.

Building a web service with an individual structure and idea is quite a laborious work. It may contain both tens and hundreds of pages. The project can have one or several topics at a time.


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Our technical stack during development

Choosing the right technology stack during development is a factor of a successful project.

Proper website design is not only about writing bug-free code, but also about optimization, future scalability, and security.

Laravel / VueJs / React and others.
Flexibility. Due to the framework, you can implement any idea without fighting with CMS.

A web built on CMS will always be slower and less customizable than framework-based one.
LiqPay / Apple Pay* / Privat 24 / Platon / Cash / Cashless payment, etc.
Connect services and accept payment for goods immediately in the online store. Increase your sales.
CRM / API / Information services / Chatbots / Analytics / Personal account, etc.
Automate your site with CRM synchronization. Process feedback requests directly in your CRM*.

Chatbots will help you save your time answering common questions.
Stages of

The web design process and clear processing stages - is a key of a successful project.

Step 1: Start of the project, GO!
  • Project analysis
  • Commercial offer
  • Contract execution
  • 1st part of payment is 30%
Step 2: Let’s go! This is a prototype, a tech task!
  • Creating a website prototype
  • Upload prototype to InVision software
  • Prototype correction and approval
  • Writing a technical task
  • Approval of a technical task
Step 3: Design, graphics and animation
  • The second part of the payment is 20%
  • Home page design
  • Inner page design
  • Unique graphic elements*
  • Block animation*
  • Development of adaptive design
  • Final Design Approval
Step 4: Let’s code! <<\>
  • The third part of the payment is 25%
  • Layout
  • Website development
  • Additional tools connection and installation*
Step 5: It is almost ready! Time for test!
  • Test site content*
  • Project testing
  • Final payment is 25%
  • Domain registration*
  • Export to hosting or to the server part*
Step 6: Website is ready! Project is finished!
  • Launch and training
  • Warranty period*

Let's interact! Apart from getting
cool experience, we will prove
that IT is easy :)

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Other services and types
of sites from our agency
Web service is a large web project

Development of web services in Kyiv and Ukraine by In Create web studio

Development of web services in Kyiv and Ukraine by In Create web studio

Web service is a large web project that has a multifunctional structure. This type of website is designed for a large number of visitors, loads, amount of information provided. It is very important that the portal has uninterrupted download and high speed on the website itself. Therefore, after development, we recommend placing it on a separate dedicated VPS or VPD server instead of hosting.

Web service has a multi-layered structure and a complex hierarchy with hundreds of sections and links. Each of these web projects is developed individually for specific tasks. In Create studio specialists have extensive experience in developing projects of this kind.

Types or directions of web portals or services:

  • Horizontal portals (megaportals designed to accommodate more information material, such as media);
  • Vertical portals (they have narrower specialization with B2C channel, for example, travel agencies or companies);
  • Corporate portals (designed for companies with internal system of accounting and process control, with personal access rights for an employee or a client);
  • Public portals (services with open information, for a wide range of uses);
  • International portals (web portals or services with a multilingual module, these are visited by users from different countries).

Estimate or exact cost of developing this type of website can be determined mainly only by statement of work. Without having a SOW and a complete vision of all business processes, only benchmarks of value can be determined. That is, the first thing to start with when assessing and developing a web service is to create a detailed statement of work with prototypes of main pages.

Project statement of work contains:

  • description of timing of a customized portal implementation;
  • description of management system on which the website will be developed;
  • prototypes of main pages with detailed description of all processes.

After approval of SOW, we will be able to determine exact dates and cost of web project software part. In Create studio has been for many years engaged in development of web services, complex web portals in Kyiv and Ukraine.

The project developed by our specialists will be adaptive for all mobile devices, such as tablets and phones. However, since web portal is a large website in terms of volume, it can be loaded for a relatively long time with a poor internet connection. In this case, we recommend developing a separate mobile version of the resource. It will help to facilitate interface and the website itself as a whole. It will be much more convenient for users to use website via downloaded mobile app.

In Create studio has extensive experience in development and creation of web services and web portals in Kyiv and Ukraine. We will be happy to help you and your business to increase your income and automate all work processes!

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