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Our team develops and creates websites of any complexity. We will help you to realize your idea and turn it into a modern web product.

Our clients are: ""BROCARD", "Kyiv Vitamin Plant", "Joma", "Cersanit", "PARIMATCH", "LAMEL", "FADO", "Kyiv Knitwear Factory", "CAPAROL", "GOSH Copenhagen", "MINISO", "Syngenta", "Reynaers", "OPEN TECK", "Deloitte Ukraine", "OMNIFARMA" and others.


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Stages of

The web design process and clear processing stages - is a key of a successful project.

Step 1: Start of the project, GO!
  • Project analysis
  • Commercial offer
  • Contract execution
  • 1st part of payment is 30%
Step 2: Let’s go! This is a prototype, a tech task!
  • Creating a website prototype
  • Upload the prototype in the interactive program InVision
  • Prototype correction and approval
  • Writing a technical task
  • Approval of a technical task
Step 3: Design, graphics and animation
  • The second part of the payment is 20%
  • Home page design
  • Inner page design
  • Unique graphic elements*
  • Block animation*
  • Development of adaptive design
  • Final Design Approval
Step 4: Let’s code! <<\>
  • The third part of the payment is 25%
  • Layout
  • Website development
  • Additional tools connection and installation*
Step 5: It is almost ready! Time for test!
  • Test site content*
  • Project testing
  • Final payment is 25%
  • Domain registration*
  • Transfer to hosting or server*
Step 6: Website is ready! Project is finished!
  • Launch and training
  • Warranty period*

We create craft websites that help unleash their market potential.

Additionally, our work flow provides companies with methods that meets demands for clients.

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Web development

Order websites in Kyiv and Ukraine

Order websites in Kyiv and Ukraine

For every company, large or small, it is important to have a personal website developed. Its presence increases confidence of potential customers in the enterprise. This is especially important for new customers, because website demonstrates reliability, prestige and success of the company. You do not have a website yet but you are looking for a reliable company that develops customized websites of good quality and at a reasonable price, go to In Create web studio. We offer comprehensive solutions to develop a high quality website with a unique author’s design. Website development from In Create is always an individual approach to each project, only highly qualified programmers are engaged in website development.

Our company develops the following types of websites:

  • Online store is a modern and very popular shopping channel on the internet. Its main function is sale of goods by means of the internet. Online store contains a catalog of products with photos, descriptions, features, prices and a system that allows you to purchase. Online stores are very popular among people of different age categories, because it gives the opportunity to buy goods without leaving home. For companies, online store is beneficial since it allows you to save on renting premises, salaries for selling assistant, and logistics.
  • Promo website is a business card of your company on the internet. This website contains basic information, contact details, activities. Promo website consists of several pages, has a simple and functional design. With the development of the company, it can be converted into a big online resource. If your budget is limited and website is needed in the nearest future, then promo website is a perfect option. Website development takes several days and does not require large investments.
  • Landing Page is a one-page website aimed at selling a product or service. To visit it, you can follow a link from the main site or advertising. The main purpose of landing page is a call to action (buy, register, submit an application, subscribe). Landing page can be both main and secondary website.
  • Online catalog is a showcase for products or services on the internet. This website is designed to familiarize the visitor with the scope of your activities and pricing. Online catalog will allow you to increase the number of customers, introduce potential customers to the range of products or services, show the merits of your company. The purpose of the website is commission of an action by a visitor (filing a request or call).
  • Corporate website is the official representation of the company on the internet. Corporate website contains full information about company, products, services and news. The website consists of three parts: a generally available zone (for all users of the network), areas for internal use by company employees (password access only) and a website administration zone.
  • Web service is a large internet project with a complex structure and navigation, may contain a large number of pages. Designed for a large number of visitors. Website development is laborious and time consuming.

Turnkey website development

The choice of the website should be taken very seriously. After all, you do not order website development every day. Therefore, you should not look for someone who does it cheap; we do our job with high quality. You can order turnkey website development from us. Turnkey website development is a full range of website building services; furthermore, you will not need to order anything and pay more. If you have not yet decided on the type of website, we will find the best solution for you.

When ordering turnkey website development from our In Create web studio you get:

  • your website supported by our experts and constantly updated;
  • your company developing more actively on the internet;
  • consulting support from our specialists in the field of promotion on the internet;
  • direct advertising of your website;
  • cutting-edge technology that will secure the image of your company in development of the website and its support.

Website development is a creative process. First, you will need to fill in the brief, so that our specialists can choose the best website development option for you. After discussing all the details, our specialists will create a website prototype, then they will proceed to layout and programming. The next stage of website development is a test website content filling, domain registration and hosting. Then comes its start-up. Proper website development is a very laborious process, and requires only good specialists in the field of website design and development.

Why ordering website development from us?

Benefits of ordering website development from In Create:

  • Convenient and understandable CMS – Different access rights to website control panel, etc.
  • Placement of website on our hosting for 1 year as a gift when ordering Business or Premium packages.
  • Integration and customization of popular visitor tracking statistics services and other analytical services.
  • Configuration of https security protocol when ordering Business or Premium packages.
  • Integration of popular social networking services when ordering Business or Premium packages.
  • Work with content – we fill your website with content.

Our company has an individual approach to each client. Our specialists will take into account the wishes and develop a website that will meet all your requirements. Each website built by us is original, practical and unique. Customized website development takes from several days. Our company provides website development services in Kyiv and in other regions of Ukraine. Contact us and get customized website development, you will be 100% satisfied with the result.

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