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We develop craft online catalogs

Online catalog is an electronic showcase of your products or services. This type of website is intended for spectacular display of content on your resource.

Online catalog (web catalog) helps you quickly and conveniently place information about your product or service. Website structure is designed in a way that with a minimum number of clicks a potential client would look through your catalog and do a ‘useful’ action, namely, place a request or call. Customized structure and design of website catalog will help to display a product or a service and sell it.


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Service description
Market analysis
Development of project prototypes
Premium design with a complex structure
Elements of Graphics Design ***
Animation and WOW effects ***
Unique design of mobile version
Basic SEO optimization ***
Corporate mail configuration ***
Server configuration ***
Administrator website management
Products/services catalog
Product/service card
Product/service card
Filter of goods/services in catalog
Panel for sorting products/services in catalog
Interactive map tagged
Photo gallery
Video gallery
Product/service search system (Dynamic) ***
Customized marketing tools ***
Share products/articles via social networks ***
Capture forms
Subscription system
Connection of payment systems ***
Synchronization with CRM systems ***
Integration of news feeds/posts via social networks ***
Connecting Google Analytics ***
Turnkey website content filling ***
Project start
Our technical stack during development

Choosing the right technology stack during development is a factor of a successful project.

Proper website design is not only about writing bug-free code, but also about optimization, future scalability, and security.

WordPress / OpenCart* and others.
Software (CMS) WordPress, OpenCart allows you to manage site content: create and publish posts, pages, edit various elements.

WordPress, OpenCart is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License v3.
Laravel / VueJs / React and others.
Flexibility. Due to the framework, you can implement any idea without fighting with CMS.

A web built on CMS will always be slower and less customizable than framework-based one.
CRM / API / Information services / Chatbots / Analytics / Personal account, etc.
Automate your site with CRM synchronization. Process feedback requests directly in your CRM.

Chatbots will help you save your time answering common questions.
Stages of

The web design process and clear processing stages - is a key of a successful project.

Step 1: Start of the project, GO!
  • Project analysis
  • Commercial offer
  • Contract execution
  • 1st part of payment is 30%
Step 2: Let’s go! This is a prototype, a tech task!
  • Creating a website prototype
  • Upload prototype to InVision software
  • Prototype correction and approval
  • Writing a technical task
  • Approval of a technical task
Step 3: Design, graphics and animation
  • The second part of the payment is 20%
  • Home page design
  • Inner page design
  • Unique graphic elements*
  • Block animation*
  • Development of adaptive design
  • Final Design Approval
Step 4: Let’s code! <<\>
  • The third part of the payment is 25%
  • Layout
  • Website development
  • Additional tools connection and installation*
Step 5: It is almost ready! Time for test!
  • Test site content*
  • Project testing
  • Final payment is 25%
  • Domain registration*
  • Export to hosting or to the server part*
Step 6: Website is ready! Project is finished!
  • Launch and training
  • Warranty period*

Let's interact! Apart from getting
cool experience, we will prove
that IT is easy :)

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We create craft websites that help unleash their market potential.

Additionally, our work flow provides companies with methods that meets demands for clients.

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Other services and types
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Online catalog

Turnkey website catalog

Turnkey website catalog

Online catalog is an electronic showcase of your products/services. This type of website is more intended for display of products or services in Ukraine. Unlike online store, website catalog does not have a Buy button with a checkout cart. Buy or Checkout button serves more as a feedback form, where the client must fill in required fields (name, phone, mail). After that, this order form is sent to website corporate mail. The resource administrator or company manager, after receiving application form, contacts the client and specifies necessary information, a sale or appointment is made by phone.

How to order catalog website development and building

It is appropriate to use online catalog or just catalog website in the market of such large cities as Kyiv or in Ukraine in case if the product or the service cannot be supplied with an exact price, volume or quantity. Structure of this type of resource can be built on the principle of a corporate website or online store with separate landing pages, such as:

  • home page (display of basic information, website main blocks);
  • about company (company description, history, partners, current vacancies);
  • finished works (examples of company works);
  • news/blog (articles, company news, industry news, placement of video materials);
  • contact information (company contacts, social network links, directions).

Important information for the start is the number of commodity items or services that you want to place on website. Prototypes of future resource and design will depend on that. If there are not many commodity items/services, a structure with placement of large high-quality photo materials can be developed. Thus, website design will be bright, memorable and visitor will feel that there is a lot of products and they are exclusive. If there are a lot of products/services and website needs a more complex structure of filtering categories, subcategories, then a personal filter can be developed in catalog website itself. This filter on catalog website will be very useful for users and will quickly help them select the desired service/product.

Development of customized catalog website in Kyiv is a process that primarily depends on content. Main content in online catalog is photo/video materials. Final website design depends on their quality. Modern juicy photos make up almost 60-70% of the entire website design. The rest is the competent layout of designer, finishing drawing of the design style according to company’s logo, brand book.

In Create studio has extensive experience in development and building of online catalogs in Kyiv and Ukraine. We will be happy to help you and your business to increase your income by building a modern catalog website. We can also automate business processes of website and company as a whole. In addition to website, we can offer introduction of a chat-bot from simple to more complex (with machine learning). These improvements will help you to simplify the work of managers, website and company.

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