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Promo website development or what format to choose for a simple website?

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June 27, 2017


In this article we will share our experience and tell you what types of websites can be your business card on the internet.
There are two main types of “simple” websites that can introduce you or your services.

The first type or format is a classic promo website.
As a rule, such websites consist of 1-3 pages. The home page can be designed as a large block with a brief text about you or your service, or as a slideshow.
The main block should display your type of activity and be combined with the logo. A photo slider can be provided that will automatically scroll several slides. Also a video block with a brief video material (video presentation) can be provided.

The second page can contain brief or detailed information about your activities. In addition to the description, your employees, partners, or your portfolio can be arranged.
The third page usually contains contact information.

Here a map with a label of your office, directions, your address, telephone, skype, corporate mail, etc. can be placed. Example of the Contacts page.

Detailed information about the tariff plans for developing a promo website can be found on the promo website development page.

The second type of website that can present you or your service/product is the landing page.
Landing page is a page with a call to action and demonstration of products or service.
The main task of building a website is to perform a targeted action.
This type of website best suits for advertising campaigns, since this page is designed in such a way that your client does not need to make additional movements, all he needs to do is just scroll the page.

Landing page is designed using marketing technologies. On the first blocks, a potential customer can find brief information about you or your service/product, view your works or products, recommendations or feedback from your clients.
After that – contact you via “Feedback” form or directly using contact information provided on the landing page.
Detailed information about the tariff plans for developing a landing page can be found on the Landing page development page.

When developing a promo website or a landing page, we take into account ALL the wishes of the client, analyze the topic and competitors, and then recommend one of the options.
A combination of styles is also possible.

The basis is the development of the main landing page with the main information blocks and bringing one of the blocks (detailed information about the company or the “News” block) to a separate page.

If you are interested in the issue of developing a promo website or a landing page, we will be happy to advise you and find the best solution!